Join the Black United Fund of Oregon at the Revolution Comedy Show.

The Black United Fund of Oregon, currently led by Dr. Alaiyo Foster, is one of the few organizations on the forefront of educating black youth in the state of Oregon. This organization has been crucial in aiding Oregon’s minority students, preparing them for higher education while giving them access to writing workshops, test prep, and scholarships and grants that would help bare the cost of their pursuits.
It is with great honor that Kickstand Comedy and Chris Johnson make the BUFOR our first beneficiary for their hard work and dedication to our community’s youth.

This comedy show will feature the comedic talents of...

Kate Murphy (I, Anonymous w/Portland Mercury)

Calaix Alexander (You Don’t Know Me@The Goodfoot)

Brandon Lyons (Helium Comedy Club)

Adam Pasi (Helium Comedy Club, Bridgetown)

...and Hosted By Chris Johnson

$10 goes towards paying the comics and the organization we are benefiting. Can’t wait to see ya!