Gone But Not Forgotten.jpg

Special thanks to the family and friends of the extraordinary women who contributed to the Black United Fund of Oregon in their memory. The world was truly a brighter place with them in it. They will be missed dearly. 

Dr. ethel simon-mcwilliams (1939-2017)

maribeth Wilson Collins (1918-2017)

rose Teague (1924-2017)

vangie shaw (1959-2017)

Additional thanks to the Give!Guide donors who made donations in memory of friends and family who are gone but not forgotten. 

Ron Stilwell | Anne Marie Gonczy | Mr. Higgins | Vera Katz | Luke Hammar | Louis Goeschl | Mike Olson | Ed Carr | Fredrica Klein | Karen Schmeer | Parvathi Iyer | Robert J. Porter | Margaret Johnson |